Students Told To Provide Solutions Using AI

Mysuru/Mysore: A one-day seminar on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was organised by the Department of Computer Science, Hindustan First Grade College (HFGC), J.P. Nagar, recently.

V.G. Manjunatha Guru, Head, Department of Computer Science, Government First Grade College, Honnali, Davangere, was the resource person.

Addressing the gathering, Manjunatha Guru explained how human intelligence is processed by machines, especially computer systems by using Artificial Intelligence (AI), types of AI, AI branches, applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition and machine learning.

He highlighted about the pros and cons of various biometric data and also described how pattern recognition helps in AI. The role of Artificial Intelligence in Internet of Things (IoT) was well explained by him. IoT is used to collect and handle the huge amount of data that is required by the AI algorithms.

Manjunatha Guru encouraged the students to take up real life problems and provide solutions using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques.

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