About Us

Hi!!! I am Navin Dhanuka from Mumbai, India. I am an Information Architect by profession and I love CS, AI and Open Source. I have a great amount of respect for GNU & Free Software.

I read a lot every day about more than 50 topics online using Google Alerts.

OpenSource.org.in, is my attempt to write about the greatest things that have happened in the day or the week in the world about Open Source and related stuff.

Today I see myself as just a simple, small evangelist of FOSS (Free & Open Source Software). In near future I would be writing my own CS Code which I would also release on the Internet in the public domain protected by the GNU GPL License.

So, enjoy your stay here, while I prepare myself for the common user journey a learner of CS goes through when he starts his career and the pitfalls he goes through.

Stay tuned. A lot more is coming your way.