IIT Delhi based Start-up launches DIY Artificial Intelligence kits for School Students; A great Step for Future

IT Delhi based Start-up launches DIY Artificial Intelligence kits for School Students
An IIT – Delhi Start Up has bring the innovation of DIY which is Do -IT – Yourself educational kits which will help the school students to learn the basics of artificial Intelligence (AI). It will assistant students with technicalities as the KIT includes technical novelties like AI Computing-engine, real-world AI actuation circuit boards and friendly AI training or inference applications.

As per the officials at IIT Delhi, a student in the field of Artificial Intelligence should have the rigorous background and training in the topics such as advanced mathematics, computer-programming and data-science.

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Let’s Talk: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to completely transform the way we do things, personally and in business. We have seen many cases of small businesses that have used AI to deliver exceptional services and products that go on to outshine the competition, or examples where businesses have completely revolutionised an internal process.

In October, we saw tech startup Devika, work with their client Equalution (health-tech app) to deliver a better service to users. Implementing AI gave the body transformation platform customised health plans for users, based on their mindsets. In the long run it made the service provided much more effective and affordable.

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Why the smartest AI is still dumber than a toddler — and how we can fix that

Artificial intelligence is, undeniably, one of the most important inventions in the history of humankind. It belongs on a fantasy ‘Mt. Rushmore of technologies’ alongside electricity, steam engines, and the internet. But, in it’s current incarnation, AI isn’t very smart.

In fact, even now in 2020, AI is still dumber than a baby. Most AI experts – those with boots on the ground in the researcher and developer communities – believe the path forward is through continued investment in status quo systems. Rome, as they say, wasn’t built in one day and human-level AI systems won’t be either.

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Could AI Put The Communications Professional Out Of A Job?

Are professional communicators at risk of being replaced by machines? Can corporate, and perhaps even marketing, communications be performed by software? Or is communication something we deem to be exclusively human? Do we feel immune from the forces of artificial intelligence (AI) because we believe only humans possess the ability to create things like irony, nuance or even humor?

These are pretty serious questions. I don’t pretend to have the answers, but I’m thinking about them as we move further into this new decade. We should all be thinking about them.

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Students Told To Provide Solutions Using AI

Mysuru/Mysore: A one-day seminar on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was organised by the Department of Computer Science, Hindustan First Grade College (HFGC), J.P. Nagar, recently.

V.G. Manjunatha Guru, Head, Department of Computer Science, Government First Grade College, Honnali, Davangere, was the resource person.

Addressing the gathering, Manjunatha Guru explained how human intelligence is processed by machines, especially computer systems by using Artificial Intelligence (AI), types of AI, AI branches, applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition and machine learning.

He highlighted about the pros and cons of various biometric data and also described how pattern recognition helps in AI. The role of Artificial Intelligence in Internet of Things (IoT) was well explained by him. IoT is used to collect and handle the huge amount of data that is required by the AI algorithms.

Manjunatha Guru encouraged the students to take up real life problems and provide solutions using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques.

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